12 Nov 2016

17 Oct 2016


Went to the "Haubentauchen" at BK Gifhorn on Sunday to meet some friends.

13 Oct 2016

Hot VWs online issue

Flick through more than 200 pages cool VW stories in the latest online issue of Hot VWs magazine! Discoverd via WHEELERDEALER.

7 Oct 2016

Crazy project in the Werks at IRVS VW Restorations. Body dropped 23w Samba with beam raise / tube raise on hydros. Severe body mods on precious OG sambas become rare these days...Looking forward to seeing the result!

20 Aug 2016


My buddy Olly aka Heckkraft Custom married his beautiful girlfriend. He took his split to the registry office and his rod to the chapel! We had a blast! Congratulations to both of you!

14 Aug 2016

Best of Show

Went to the "Sommerglühen" in Helmstedt today. Neither a vintage nor a vdub show, it's open to all sorts of cars and brands. My daughter was keen on the trophys and so I decided to participate in the show & shine. My buddy Ette and his multi-award winning vert joined as well, I was sure he was going to win AGAIN ;). To my surprise my bus got best vintage car AND best of show! Ette has no space for trophys anymore anyway, so he didn't mind taking 2nd place "only":).  I am usually not a competition guy, but my daughter and I were very happy!